Course Curriculum

Tattoo Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to step by step procedures involved in doing a tattoo including stencil making and application
  • History of Tattooing
  • Various traditions and cultures involved in Tattooing
  • Different style of tattooing followed in different countries and cultures


Art Technique (Design, Drawing, Flash)

  • Theory of Tattoo Designing
  • Practicing various Design techniques on paper and practice skin
  • Various tattoo drawing techniques
  • Steps of tattoo drawing from outlining to shading and finalization
  • Using Flash, helping and guiding techniques for selecting the right flash


Sterilization and Operational Techniques

  • Introduction to various equipments
  • Sterilization techniques
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Association) Standards
  • Handling and Safe disposal of used needles and other hazardous waste
  • Packing and loading needles safely in the tip/tube without causing damage or injury


Machine Construction & Adjustment

  •  Introduction to all equipment and disposables
  • Strip down and re-building tattoo machines
  • Resetting, tensioning of spring assemblies on machines to give various penetrating power to suit various needle formations
  • Learning about tattoo needles, Which ones to use for outlining in fine and bold lines, coloring in
  • large and small areas, shading and creating grey tones


Tattooing Techniques

  • Outlining Technique
  • Shading Technique
  • Color Technique
  • Color Mixing & Theory
  • Practice, Practice and Practice



  • Bandaging the Tattoo
  • Aftercare Instructions
  • Tattoo Healing


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