tiger eye tattoo designs

Tiger Eye Tattoo Designs

Coverup Tattoo The tiger’s eye is more than gemstone; it is a symbol of Focus, Patience, and Determination. A Tiger Eye Tattoo symbolizes your most primitive desires; you are moving and thinking simply on instinct and drive. The eye of the tiger represents the animal in its purest state; it is stalking, hungry, focused, and, most […]

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Cover Up Tattoo with Lord Buddha Tattoo

Lord Buddha Tattoo

Amazing Cover Up Tattoo with Lord Buddha Tattoo Buddha and Lotus tattoo can symbolize purity. Apart from the message, the 3D effect makes your Buddha tattoo look realistic; a perfect design to wear on your sleeves. Buddhism is one of the most common and most colorful religions there is in the present world. Within this […]

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Amazing Cover-Up Bird Feather Tattoo Inked By Black Poison Tattoos

Amazing Feather Tattoo

Amazing Cover-Up Bird Feather Tattoo Inked By Black Poison Tattoos The feather tattoo is one of the most sought after tattoo design given its cultural symbolism and heritage. The feather tattoo comes in different styles and designs and has quite a rich background with meaning which mostly depicts the character of the bird it’s taken […]

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How a Tattoo Cover up Works

Brilliant Cover up Tattoo

How a Tattoo Cover up Works? A tattoo cover up is one of two options for dealing with an unwanted tattoo, the other being tattoo removal. Covering up an unwanted tattoo is the cheaper option. Cover ups may completely hide the old tattoo with a new design, or may incorporate elements or the whole of […]

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What does a Tattoo Say About a Person

Krishna Tattoo

Tattoos often represent thoughts and feelings that we have not spoken about or acknowledged, even to ourselves. Since both art and dreams trade in symbols and imagination, We approach tattoos the same way we work with customers’ dreams and fantasies. We ask people to describe the thoughts, experiences, and emotions linked to their tattoos; We […]

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Coverup Tattoo

Tattoo Cover Ups are a great way to get rid of the unwanted tattoos on your body. It not only hides your older tattoo, but if made after enough thought and creativity, can turn out to be a transformed beauty piece. However, the best option will always remain to THINK BEFORE YOU INK, but if […]

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