Black Poison Tattoo Academy

Tattooing Courses

Tattoo training cannot be learned by just watching videos, browsing internet, reading books, or watching somebody tattooing. It needs to be hands on training under supervision of a professional, experienced tattoo artist. To get the tattoo right, it requires lot of practice, practice and practice, It is not just about making tattoo in somebody’s skin, one needs to learn about equipments, colors, mixing techniques, handling body contours, shading, sterilization, disposing bio hazard material and after care.


Training Aimed to Prepare the Artistic Student To:

  • Apply a safe and clean tattoo
  • Repair existing Tattoo
  • Color mixing theory and practice
  • Apply tattoo on different skin types
  • Competently handle, fine tune and repair the equipment
  • Sterilize tattoo equipments and dispose bio hazard material (Needles, tubes, etc.)
  • Prevent Cross Contamination
  • Apply tattoo aftercare techniques
  • Set up his/her own studio


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