Precautions to Protect your New Tattoo


Protect Your Tattoo


Tattoo Protection is an important part of the tattoo process, and every tattoo studio & artist has a slightly follow Protection instructions. if there are problems with the tattoo, you should get in touch with the artist to talk about it. You can decrease the possibility of complications if you look for and ask about the following:


State or local license

Regulation requirements of state health for information on licensing and regulations in your area. Also, choose a reputable tattoo studio that’s clean,tidy and professional and that employs only properly trained employees.


An autoclave

An autoclave is a heat sterilization machine that should be used to sterilize all nondisposable equipment after each customer. Instruments and supplies that can’t be sterilized with an autoclave should be disinfected with a commercial disinfectant or bleach solution after each use. These include drawer handles, tables and sinks.


Fresh equipment

Watch the tattoo artist and make sure he or she removes a needle and tubes from a sealed package before your procedure begins. Any pigments, trays and containers should be unused as well.



The tattoo artist must wash his or her hands and put on a fresh pair of latex gloves for each procedure. The tattoo artist should change those gloves if he or she needs to touch anything else, such as the telephone, during the procedur

If you’re considering a tattoo, understand the risks and research the process beforehand. Take precautions to get your body art done correctly, and use proper care afterward to reduce the risks. Also, be sure you’re in a clear state of mind and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when deciding to get a tattoo. A tattoo is permanent and requires careful and clear thinking so it doesn’t become a source of regret.